Relationship… Ugh!

Why are relationships, friend or otherwise so difficult? One of my friends stated this weekend that we have poor communication. I was quick to agree but as I have had time to think about his statement, it’s actually an untrue description. Of course as always with this friend, I believe it to be his fault. Just because he only listens to half of what I say and has a horrible memory, doesn’t mean we have ‘poor communication’ within our relationship.

Now I am obviously at fault here too, just on a smaller scale. I am not one to repeatedly ask about something nor am I going to assume I am invited if the words do not pass the person’s lips. I have always been a believer in people remembering things they would like to do. If a person is asked to do something and they want to do it then they will remember what the person said and make sure they follow up with it. I also am a believer that if someone wants to do something with you they will specifically ask you to do the activity. If they don’t then you’re not invited.

Also the telephone is a two way communication. I get ‘I haven’t heard from you’ and I think well, I haven’t had anything to say (even though I have been slightly irritated with him lately and that is partially the reason) but he hasn’t contacted me either. That was what I thought in my head when the statement was made.

I have been thrown back more than once this year, surprised how much we are alike in certain things but those days have come and gone. Now I am finding out what are differences are and I don’t like them. Usually I take a graceful exit when a relationship feels like work but he has made it through the test of time as he has always irritated me on some level. So I guess I’ll keep him around.

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