No you don’t sound smart

1. I’m only human. Really, I hadn’t noticed and who am I comparing you to?

2. Same difference. Um… Yes there is a difference.

3. I saw it with my own eyes. Good to know, I wasn’t aware that you saw with something else other than the two eyes you were born with.

4. I don’t mean to interrupt. Obviously you meant to because you did.

5. Can we talk? I don’t think I have an option at this point so the answer would be yes. Though I could fake laryngitis.

6. I need some space. Good for you, look around because there is tons of it.

7. I can’t wait. You’re screwed then because waiting is just a part of life.

8. That goes without saying. Well it didn’t because you just said it.

9. It’s all good. Doubt it but if you say so.

10. That really grinds my gears. Are you not human? Where are your gears located?


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