Panic at the lake house

I sprung up and felt a burst of panic fly through my mind. I immediately looked through the bedroom door and down the hallway were my eyes met the kids curled up in their blankets sleeping soundly. The panic lifted for a moment and was replaced by a peaceful feeling. I turned to the right and my friend wasn’t there. That side of the bed looking as I left it when I drifted off to sleep the evening before. The panic feeling started to creep back, where was he? I got up and walked the house and didn’t see him. He would have been driving in the early morning hours to meet us here and as I grabbed my phone I prayed for a text that let me know he was safe. My cellphone signal at the lake is hit or miss so I got my flip flops on and went for a walk hoping the signal would reach my phone and download any messages that might be awaiting my response. As I reached the lakes shore my phone dinged and there it was a text from him saying he was going to stay home and get some rest as he was exhausted from working the previous night. The peaceful feeling set back in and I made the walk back to the house to start my morning and wait for the sun to come out.

The lake is such a peaceful place. The morning breeze tickles the skin while the geese call out from a distance. I love the convenience of city life but it’s nice to step away to a place such as this to clear my mind. I have a feeling the winter will feel so long as I will be awaiting the first warm day to be right here again.

The kids are slowly stirring, the sun is creeping up onto my patio and my coffee is almost empty.


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