Road Trip!

Today was a hard day. Not hard emotionally but physically. I woke up to find the kids sound asleep, which wasn’t a surprise. One was laying sideways in the chair and the other was laying on the couch with half his body being swallowed by the crease. We were overly busy at the warehouse. The day ended with me hustling out of the building excited for my 4 day weekend at the lake house. When I arrived home the house was quiet. The television was on with Netflix paused on the screen and the dogs laying on the living room floor. The kids had gone on a bike ride so I got to work getting things together for our road trip. I love getting to spend time with both the kids together especially during these troubled times. It gets my mind off my worries and makes me slowly forget about my dreaded visits to the doctors offices. Lately it has seemed as though my life has been flying by and I grow increasingly tired of trying but these moments make me smile.

I was finishing placing the last few items into the car when the kids flew up the driveway. 14 mile bike ride seemed to tire them out at the moment. We said goodbye to the dogs and set out for the lake house. ROAD TRIP! It didn’t take but a block for the two of them to start picking on each other. Everyone told me I should have had another child because two are easier than one. Sometimes I disagree with this and I’m glad I stuck with just having one. Other times I think I should have had another. 15 minutes into the ride they were settled listening to country music blaring through. The speakers and occasionally asking ‘are we there yet’. I fell into my own thoughts and felt the draw of the lake house.

We arrived at the lake house and the kids jumped out and had the car unloaded before I could unlock the door. After we put everything away the kids rushed to get their bathing suits on and into the lake they went. I finished picking up and got my bathing suit on so I could join them. As I walked to the lake I could hear there laughter and the splashing of the water. I put one foot into the lake and pulled it back quickly. With the sun going down the water was chilly. How could these kids be swimming and splashing in here, I thought to myself. I waded around the water a little and then went back up to the house to start dinner, hotdogs and chips were on the menu for tonight. I really wanted a cheeseburger but I decided to wait till tomorrow when my friend would be here to do the ‘manly’ cooking duties. The last time I cooked burgers on the grill I was forced to swallow down what seemed like a hockey puck. Grilling on a charcoal grill is not my specialty at all.


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