Friday Night Road Trip

Friday night in a last minute thought, I got into the car and drove up to my lake house. I had never driven there in the middle of the night before. The night was dark but the moon illuminated the sky. As I drove down the main road to the lake house it had this erie scary feel to it. The trees hung over the road in previous drives I never really thought about it but in the darkness my highlights illuminated the trees and it was if they were closing in on my as if they were going to give my car a hug. As I turned into the drive to the lake

house I drove down quickly as I normally do during the day but immediately found that this was not a good idea this evening as two deer shot out of the forest along the north side. I slowed the car down and was amazed as I crept down the dirt drive and more deer leaped out of the forest. In total there were seven deers travel by that evening. I was watching the forest line closely as I drove and had a good giggle when i notice two deer standing in the forest with their heads poping out of the trees as if they were interested on what was coming down the drive. I love seeing deer but I hate it when I have a scare of one or more running past my car. My relaxing evening road trip ended with my legs becoming a little shaky but it was a beautiful site watching them emerge out of the forest and run through the fields.


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