I see you

Have you ever said to yourself ‘I am going to avoid this person’ and when you make the effort to do so, you end up seeing them more. If that isn’t in person, it is in social media. Avoiding someone ends up being just as it is when you purchase a new car. You purposely pick a certain color because you haven’t seen that color in the make you purchased but once you pull off the lot you see the car you just purchased in the color you picked, EVERYWHERE.

As you see this person everywhere you don’t take the time to think about how much effort you are exserting to avoid the person. You don’t think about the minutes you waste in your life thinking about how and why you are avoiding them, you just keep on.

Maybe if we didn’t spend so much time and effort on things like this our lives could have even more meaning than they do now. I’m sure it would be less stressful.


I would love to hear your thoughts! Comments are encouraged!

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