Zoo Fun

Do you go to the zoo? I make a point to go once a year with my son and hope to continue that throughout the rest of my days, even if he is pushing me in a wheelchair around the park. The zoo to me is a very peaceful and beautiful place. I love seeing the animals and the sculptures and plant life is definitely a bonus for me and my camera. Over the years I find it interesting that our travels to the zoo becoming quicker and quicker as we have seen everything and know where everything is. Using a map now after all these years is not necessary. It is wonderful to watch people with their children enjoying the time spent at the zoo as much as I do.

A near by zoo doesn’t stop running for the winter they hold the holiday light show. They light up the zoo with christmas lights on the trees and buildings. The zoo also puts up lighted scultures of animals and some are also animated which is very cool.



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