Reliving the pain

I still cry those deep painful tears. I think of how he was robbed from seeing his great grandson grow to be a man and how he has missed many of my accomplishments that with him there to see them, would have made them even more special. When I bought my first house, installed my first faucet, renovated my bathroom, and more. When my son seen a bookshelf out for trash day and he walked down the street and carried it all the way home so he could fix it up for me and hear the comments from my father who in that moment reminded me of my grandmother when he used to do it on his walk through the neighborhood.

I tell my son stories of him but even those are not able to touch how great he was. I tell him at the end of our talks… “A vanilla ice cream bar dipped in chocolate has never tasted the same as when it came out of Grandpa’s freezer.” After all these years I refuse to purchase them because I know it will always lead to disappointment.

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