5 steps to work through depression, despair and devastation


When you have that moment where you feel depression taking over your mind or despair approaching your door or even when devastation enters your home, you must take swift action.

1. Make your bed. I’m serious, smooth out those sheets, lay out the comforter just right and fluff those pillows.

2. Put on your favorite pajamas. Mine are my white, blue and green zebra print shorts and a tank top that reads ‘wild in love’. (Let’s not judge here people.)

3. Get yourself something to drink. Now water would be the right choice but in times of despair I know I’ve reached for my favorite bottle of vodka. Though I don’t recommend it as we all know alcohol is a ‘downer’. We think it helps in the moment till you are awakened at 5:30 in the morning with obligations and a serious hangover.

4. Take yourself to your room and snuggle into that freshly made bed. You will be amazed the calming, ‘safe’ feeling a freshly made bed can have on a person.

5. Reflection time. Sip on your drink and think about the situation. Let your anger out and cry if you need to. This is your moment to let it all out.

Okay, simmer down hot sauce, dry those tears, suck it up and go to bed. No matter what is going on you can’t solve it without sleep and you still have to carry on tomorrow taking care of all your responsibilities.

Good Luck! – C. King


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