Take a peek outside, your not alone

Sometimes you feel that you are in a dark, damp place populated with billions of people who don’t understand you, but actually, they do. This place, this dark, damp place you reside in confirms the thoughts in your mind that you’re to blame for how situations have and or, are being played out. It’s your sensitive side within you that causes you to hate yourself, to believe that it is all your fault. You feel that this place is where you belong, for making what you see as wrong decisions, it has bruised and battered you. This place forces you to hold on to these moments, replay them in your mind so that you can feel the pain and hurt that your sensitive side told you was yours.

When you decide to take a peek outside, just a quick peek, you will see that even though you feel as though you are alone, worthless to the world, actually, you are not. The world around this dark, damp place you reside, is there waiting for you, to share great friends, yummy foods and joy that will have you laughing until it hurts. It is there waiting to show you that it isn’t all your fault, that your shoulders should not be the only pair to hold the weight of decisions that were made. You’re stuck right now, it maybe sometime before you can come out of this place but hold strong, and it will be worth it in the end. You are vital!


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