How much do you care?

I have found I care more than people believe is wise. I care with an open-heart, available 24/7 with no conditions. Why? The world has taught people they need to hold on to their bitterness, to always keep people at arms length to survive. I believe that at some point, maybe years from now, they will have the memory of me in a quiet moment that appears in their mind. A light will shine upon them and reveal a person who is scared and haunted by their past, a person who just wanted to be loved but went about it the wrong way. All I can hope for is their gratitude for how I cared more than it was supposedly wise. And in that moment they allow themselves to feel the love that was intertwined into those caring moments. Somehow, even unknowingly to me, the powerful warm emotions they will feel, will find their way back to warm my heart.



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