Get 1 step closer to improving your life.

Can people stop blaming others? It is said that if a person can stop blaming others their life would be a happier one. Taking responsibility when you do things incorrectly isn’t an easy feet but it can give you a long lasting empowering feeling. Over the past 10 years it has amazed me on how many times I hear “I didn’t do it” or “That person did it”, in an eight hour shift. Everyone makes errors and I am no exception. There are many times throughout a person’s career that they will not meet the expectations of their employer, which is just how life works. By playing the ‘blame game’ as I call it, you cannot evolve and become a better person, a better employee because you don’t give your employer the chance to recognize that additional training is needed. By receiving the additional training needed the employee can become better at their job and overall happier because they are completing tasks correctly.


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