The 1 thing that brings people unimaginable joy

We all wish and hope for many different things over the course of our lives. I have lost count of the many wishes and hopes I have made in my lifetime and likely you will too. Still, the one wish and hope I believe you will always carry with you is the wish that your best friend will always be at your side.

We all hope to find that one friend who will stand by our side through good times and bad.  One that will cheer us on during our successes and wipes our tears during our hard times.  And one who inspires us to do the same for them.

It’s hard to find the words that express how much our best friends mean to us. We are all grateful for the support of our best friends. They bring unimaginable joys and warmth to our lives. They help us grow into better people. Even when they are not right next door or even in the same state they are always just a phone call away.

Sharing your life with a true best friend is a precious gift and a blessing. If there is such a thing as a soul-mate, I believe that person reveals themselves in our lifelong best friends.  That person who relates to you like no other and who will laugh with you until the morning sun rises in the sky.


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