A book with all the answers?


I read a book once that started out basically saying, a man is devoted, capable and wants to be the most important thing to a women in their life. Though these strengths are their struggles for the good dutiful man. It sounds like they are turning the man’s strength into an excuse for their actions.

It continued to give you the in site into what is important to men. They, believing the most important thing for the man is to have a purpose. They need to have a constant direction and meaning to strive for. They find purpose in many areas of their life but it is said that nothing scratches their itch for a purpose until they find a good women. If this was true wouldn’t all men be spending their spare time searching for that women? Most single men I know, which I will admit the number is dwindling, are usually spending their free time lounging on the couch watching the television or playing video games.

Ultimately Men are supposedly searching for the answer to the age old question, ‘What do women really want’. Well maybe they should just ask them what they want instead of ‘beating around the bush’. Now maybe it is more difficult for the man because all he is looking for in a women is her physical appearance when in turn women are looking for more important qualities, intelligence, stability, and kindness to name a few. So by them ‘searching’ for the answers to the question they can continue to pretend that they don’t know what women want making their actions to them excusable.




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