What is messier?… Define messier and then we can talk.

Flickr: Guy Drori "my desk full view"
Flickr: Guy Drori
“my desk full view”

I am really glad I am reading this question at home and not in my office at work because my desk there looks as though a bomb went off. “What’s messier right now – your bedroom or your computer’s desktop? Tell us how and why it got to that state.”

Hands down, without a doubt it is my computer’s desktop. How did it get that way, well this also has an easy answer, I write! I am always opening a new word document, typing my thoughts and saving it to my desktop. Let’s just say I have way more thoughts tied to more word documents than I have published blog postings. My computer’s desktop also has images that I have gathered for all those thoughts waiting their turn to be blasted through the internet for all to see. Do I ever delete these lovely little icons that adorn my computer’s desktop? No, I usually make a folder on the desktop and highlight all of them every so many weeks and tuck them away for safe keeping so I can redo the process of cluttering up the screen once more.

It really has become a viscous cycle, a habit my computer has realized by now it just has to deal with. And for those files in safe keeping tucked away in a pretty manila colored folder on my desktop… I never open those up; I just start a new word document and save a new picture.

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One thought on “What is messier?… Define messier and then we can talk.

  1. Hmm…the surfaces around my computer(s) home and work are, and I can promise, will always be messy. I scrawl notes on scraps of paper, pile documents and leave anything else that I quickly forget about in those wastelands.
    The bedroom is clean and almost tidy. That is mostly because my wife is on my case to pick up books, blankets and clothes.
    When the world changed and photography became the domain of computers and monitors I just moved the mess from my chemical stained film and print making lab to a new location.


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