Attention woman who take birth control pills. A fact you may not be aware of.

Flickr: Nate Griggs ( )
Flickr: Nate Griggs
( )

Do you take birth control? If you do and you are a smoker you may want to start working on breaking that bad habit. By taking that little daily pill and lighting that cigarette you are putting yourself at risk for thromboembolism. Are you asking yourself what thromboembolism is, I know I did. Thromboembolism is the formation of a clot in a blood vessel. The clot breaks loose and the blood carries it to another vessel and plugs it. It can travel to your lungs, brain, kidney and even your leg. Thromboembolism is a significant cause of death in adults when it happens.

You may want to rethink lighting up that cigarette after you swallow down that birth control pill.

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