5 reasons why they think you’re doing it all wrong

Image By: Rheinjoggerin1 on Pixabay.com
Image By: Rheinjoggerin1 on Pixabay.com

I was amazed when I started my blog how many emails and comments I was receiving from readers on how to get my blog noticed. Even some readers who would take the time to rewrite my blog and send it to me. I would spend days thinking about if they were correct and I was doing it all wrong. Now that I have been blogging for a number of years I have decided I didn’t have it wrong, I had it right. It may not be right for other people but for me it is.

Here are 5 points on how they believed I was doing it all wrong and my response to them.

  1. Stop self-promotingYou cannot build an audience if all you do is talk about yourself. Fingerlike.net is my life, my feelings and my opinions. For me I feel joy when I read a bloggers personal account of something and it resonates with what is or has gone on with my own life. It gives me the sense I am not completely alone which is something I hope readers have gotten from my writing.
  2. 2. Delete those categories Pick a subject and don’t stray from it. Personally this screams boring. I have many thoughts and experiences on a vast number of subjects, why only write about one? Currently Fingerlike.net has 8 categories and if I would sit down and go through my writing I probably could organize them better by adding more categories to my main menu. By being diverse and writing about multiple subjects I feel you connect with more readers.
  3. Get a Twitter account – A must to your blog is an associated twitter account. You cannot make it without one. Fingerlike.net does not have an associated Twitter account. I started a personal Twitter account once and after day 1, I canceled the account. Not all social media outlets are right for everyone and Twitter just isn’t right for Fingerlike.net. I have opted to utilize Stumbler, Google+, Tumblr and Pinterest to personally share my blog.
  4. Show the important share buttons – Only keep Twitter, Facebook and one other share button visible. Get rid of the other share buttons as it looks like clutter. I can see a point to reducing the amount of share buttons that are visible though I feel it is going to make someone skip reading one of my blog posts because I have all options visible. Currently Fingerlike.net displays 11 options for sharing. You don’t know what social networks your readers are using so I choose to display them all for easy access for all.
  5. Don’t be average, design matters – Your website must be pleasing to the eye or your reader will move on before they even get through reading the title of the current blog. I believe the ease of finding what you’re looking for is important, it keeps a reader on your page longer. Fingerlike.net has changed its overall website design three times, is it appealing? To me it is easy on the eyes and easy to navigate but for another it may not be. For me it doesn’t matter what color your background is, ease of navigation is the most important.

If you’re new to blogging or have been doing it for years stay your course. Write about what you want to write about, share where you want to share and design your site so when you look at it you’re proud. You’re not doing it all wrong… You’re doing it just right.


14 thoughts on “5 reasons why they think you’re doing it all wrong

    1. I agree with your comment completely. I have always felt that the best writing comes from the writer who writes because they love to do it. Social media is filled with what I call ‘click bait’ writing, seeing these types of blogs can get old after awhile.

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    1. Thank you @drksideofthemoon2001 I actually posted without the picture at first but once I put it on there I thought it made the whole piece. Lately I have been trying hard to find better pictures. I used to reuse pictures, I found picking the pictures as hard as choosing a title.


  1. I love blogs like yours…the blogs where the writer is sharing bits and pieces of his/her experiences. This is personally how I learn and grow, through reading the insights of others who unapologetically “talk about themselves.” We all have a story to share, a piece of advice to give, a viewpoint that is uniquely our own. Why else would we blog?Thank you for sharing your life with the world. Peace.


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