A letter to our service members on this Veterans Day


Veterans Day is to honor all of our loyal service members. As Americans we should always be thinking of all our service members who are serving or have served our country.

To all American service members past and present,

I am grateful to you for keeping our freedom safe. It is unfortunate that we as Americans take our freedom for granted and wait to show you appreciation one day a year. We should be thinking often about the sacrifices that you, our hero’s have made for us. We as civilians will never comprehend the deep passion you have for liberty. What you have been through and continue to go through is unfathomable. You unconditionally served or are serving with no promise you will prevail at the task at hand or a promise to return to your loved ones. We will never know how hard it is to shut out your experiences to move on with your everyday life with family and friends. We will never know how it feels day in and day out to know that others did not make it home to their families. We will never know or understand what true fear is. We will never know the odors of war. We will never know the noise of war. We will never know the true meaning of weariness and grief or know how it feels to silently pray to see loved ones once again. To truly know these things, to have dealt with these things, takes strength that only a hero has.

You are my hero’s, yes, YOU! I know you just did ‘what you had to do’ and that is why you are my hero because you did it or are doing it. I am proud of all of you as I’m absolutely sure your family and friends are too. You have and are making this great country safer. You are unselfish. You are brave. I admire you for your heroism for placing yourself in harms way to keep my family and other families safe. You are incredible and your sacrifice will never be forgotten. I appreciate you and have unwavering respect for the ultimate commitment you have made for this country.

You are brave, noble, dedicated, honorable and courageous. I’m indebted to you, forever and always.

Casey King

I spent this Veterans Day writing letters for Operation Gratitude to send to our service members. How did you spend this day celebrating our Veterans?


3 thoughts on “A letter to our service members on this Veterans Day

  1. I love to see that America do honour it veterans and I love the way you write about them, it did break my heart you know why? Because here in South Africa we don’t show appreciation to our veterans and I didn’t know it exited any where in the world. Veterans day.

    I love you writing and I love this post I wish it was mine and say the same words to our veterans here in south africa. Thank you and have a lovely veterans day.


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