2 Things that could contribute to depression

Image From: Geralt on Pixabay
Image From: Geralt on Pixabay

Some types of depression need not only talk therapy but medication as well. This combination of treatment has been proven to significantly decrease depression symptoms. During talk therapy you will be able to develop effective ways to deal with preconceptions and reach clear goals. Therapists can give you different perspectives on your current situation and share problem-solving techniques.

There are many things that could be feeding your depression. Let us take a moment and look at two things that could be the cause.

  1. Relationships – Without your knowledge relationships you are a part of may have unhealthy behaviors. Recognizing these behaviors and changing them can significantly reduce depression symptoms.
  2. Behavior patterns – At times personal behavior choices could be contributing to depression symptoms. These behaviors could be brought on by trauma and or a childhood experience.

Therapists can help you explore behaviors and relationships and decide if they are causing your symptoms.

Even though in the moment it is hard you should keep in mind that if you are depressed the people around you (i.e. family, friends) are affected too. You may find that the people interacting with you can become contributors to your depression without conscious knowledge. They try to help but it may be making the situation worse. Educating not only yourself but the people around you can help in the healing process and keep you on track.


2 thoughts on “2 Things that could contribute to depression

  1. This is a very good and informative article. I just posted something very similar, but my focus was on triggers for bi-polar disorder that engage mood swings.


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