5 Steps to healing the mind without medication

Image From: Geralt on Pixabay
Image From: Geralt on Pixabay

Even though I have dedicated all my extra effort to my therapy sessions, my dreams still haunt me. Each one is as bizarre as the next. I have to count my blessings that at least now I am not walking around with visions of the dead child in my mind. I will take a new bizarre dream each night if that means I will never have to dream that dream or see that sight ever again. Two more weeks and my hiatus my therapist put me on will be over. Will I return to Facebook and other social media? I don’t know; I have to say I haven’t missed it.

Last week I was given 5 things to process and work on finding a moment to use them. I managed to find moments to complete each of the 5 items in 2 days. Now I just have to see if I can continue to put them to good use in my everyday life.

  1. Say how you feel, stop holding it in. – This advice is easier said than done. I have thought about this at length. If I said how I felt I would not have many friends.
  2. Stop being predictable. Step out of my comfort zone and let your hair down. – Me predictable, I’m far from predictable. Well that is what I thought when the statement was made. Last week I worked on accessing things before doing them. I  maybe more predictable than I first imagined.
  3. Be bold. You want it; go for it. Over thinking can strangle any want. – I’m a planner and I believe that is what brings over thinking into play. I can retype a text message five times before I send the message. When I send the message 50% of the time it’s the complete opposite of the first time.
  4. To trust is to give the key to let betrayal in. Take the risk. – Life is definitely full of risks. Sometimes we have to stop micromanaging which ones we take and just go for everything.
  5. Open your ears and listen. – Of course, listening is what you should do when people speak. I have found though true listening skills are harder than you think. We as humans are always processing what we hear but at the same time are building what we are going to respond with so truly we only hear bits and pieces of what the person actually is saying.

6 thoughts on “5 Steps to healing the mind without medication

  1. These are great points! It is so important to be able to express yourself and open yourself up to new experiences. A critical component to positive mental health is communication and expression.


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