Security of a relationship

Image From: ErikaWittlieb, Pixabay
Image From: ErikaWittlieb, Pixabay

When you love someone it is impossible to love them ALL the time. I believe it to be a lie if one thinks otherwise. Relationships must be accepted for what they are in the moment. The security of a relationship comes with not owning or demanding. It’s not with looking back at the ‘might have been’ or looking into the future at the ‘what might be’.

It’s the here and now that surrounds you with security.


6 thoughts on “Security of a relationship

  1. I hope you can take this as it is meant, but you are quiet wrong. To be more precise, you are quiet wrong more than one time.
    1. You are so far off base, it is unbelieveable, so before we even mention #1, how often do you cut each other to ribbons…. verbally…. in a “relationship of the moment”
    2. Oh, this is the one you are answering, and I have never been here (‘EROS)
    3. Philia – Oh I have some really bad news, we aren’t playing baseball, OR I suppose we could still, and you can just start your next bat, and since LewPBlog IS HERE ON WORDPRESS, Lewis can tell you himself that we have never argued 1 time…. , we are old grade school friends
    4. Philia – there has never been 1 millisecond of my life with children, that I felt anything but love for my 4 boys.
    Please don’t take this in a bad way, it was intended in a fun way. You see I, no, we, my Brother and I have been driven our whole lives… OH wow, I have to send an email to opinionated man. If you are around, just reply, and I will be on for a while. Have a good night otherwise


    1. Thank you for stopping by to comment. I appreciate all feedback, even if you are in disagreement.
      Obviously when I posted this blog to share I was not intending to represent relationships that are abusive or unhealthy. And I have to disagree that a ‘relationship of the moment’, as you put it, would necessarily be one where you ‘cut each other to ribbons’. If you have had a relationship with someone and have never fought one time, that is wonderful for you. However, that does not mean that relationships where arguments occur is bad. It just means that at times people argue. (Since you brought up children, I in no way shape or form intended this post to be about a parents love for a child. Generally we all love our children no matter what.) For the rest of the world, when those really heated arguments occur you may question, in that single moment, that can you continue a relationship with your friend/spouse/partner. It’s because in your anger you forget about those good moments. And that you’ll be healthier in the long run if you don’t constantly think about what’s going to be, or what was and rather focus on what is right now. Sometimes, when we’re angry, it’s hard to stay focused on what we love about someone. That doesn’t make the relationship verbally abusive or unhealthy.
      Again, thank you for your comment! I appreciate your thoughts and it giving me an opportunity to clarify my thoughts.

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      1. You made my day, and even made me realize that my first impression of you was a very positive one, but I know now that you are more the type to act than react.(Have I got that right?)
        I had so hoped you would try to see what I wanted to say, and I tried not just to blurt it out, I tried a touch of agitation that just might upset you enough where you would get your attack ready by rereading. I am not that good of a writer, nor do I profess to know anything about women, but I know several languages, and I know what is lacking about english as it is used in America. After so many hundred years, people just woke up to the fact that Our Laws and Tax Laws say 2 things at least, 2 DIFFERENT things.
        I had you on my mind when I posted one of my latest, “Love, Indifference, Perception”, it might let you know me a little better.
        I have to say that I believe argueing in front of Children, or even where they can hear is not good at all. However, if when the argueing is over(away from them), it would be a VERY POSITIVE thing to make a big deal out of making sure they see their parents calmly discussing different ways of doing things. I believe this could produce the type Child that is only dreamed of.
        Thank You for not kicking me to the curb, and unfollowing me.


  2. I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but I agree it’s impossible to love another person all the time. I don’t even think it’s possible to love yourself all the time, so why should someone else be different. That’s where commitment comes in. It’s saying we’re going to figure this out and do this together even when times are tough, and we don’t necessarily like each other.


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