Fake it, until you make it: Can posture really significantly change how your life unfolds?

Image From: JorgeRionergro, Pixabay
Image From: JorgeRionergro, Pixabay

Posture and your overall body language is a form of communication. People make assumptions on what others personalities are and over all character is by observing their posture and body language. Your posture and body language doesn’t just affect how others view you but it also affects you personally. This form of non-verbal communication can affect your overall thoughts and feelings.

Image from: FlashBuddy, Pixabay
Image from: FlashBuddy, Pixabay

When humans feel powerful our bodies tend to look bigger. What do I mean by this? Well, when a human wins a game for example, you usually see the person holding their arms up in the air, making them look bigger. These people are usually more confident, assertive, risk taker and have a more positive outlook.

Image From: Amayaeguizabal, Pixabay
Image From: Amayaeguizabal, Pixabay

When humans feel powerless our bodies tend to look smaller. What do I mean by this? Well, when a human feels sadness, you usually see the person shrinking themselves up, holding their body tight with their head down, making them look smaller. These people are usually timid, easily stressed, less confident and assertive.

You will find that if you are with someone whose body language is making them look powerful, you would automatically without knowing do the opposite. Your body language will show less power. For example if someone has their hands on their hip which signifies powerful, you in turn would hold your hands down at a lower.

Women feel overall less powerful than men. So you will see the ‘powerless’ body language more times than not from women and the ‘powerful’ body languages from men.

It’s been determined that our thoughts and feelings affect our mind in a whole but can your body language also affect your mind in a significant way as our thoughts and feelings do? If you carried yourself throughout the day with more powerful posture and body language can it change your thoughts and feelings? Studies are being down to find the answers to these questions. Essentially scientists are working on figuring out if you can fake it, until you make it.

My personal views on this subject are, yes. Humans can fake it, until you make yourself and others around you believe that you are powerful. Remember your posture and overall body language is what communication people base their first impressions on and how people you know judge what mood you are in when they approach you. So for me I believe even if you fall more times than not into the ‘powerless’ body language group, you can present yourself as though you are powerful, just by making the effort to present those types of body languages and postures.


2 thoughts on “Fake it, until you make it: Can posture really significantly change how your life unfolds?

  1. There was an excellent TED talk on this. I wish I could remember the name of the speaker. But the point is the same – yes, you can train your mind to follow with how you hold your body.


    1. Im going to look for that. I recently took a seminar on management and he stressed body language and posture. He was very adimit if you fake it, people will believe you’re confident in your position and if you could continue it for a period of time you would become confident. Prior to the seminar I never put much thought in my posture. Very interesting and I’m trying to keep this knowledge at the front of my mind while I’m at work.

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