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It takes finding the wisdom that tells you to look both ways, see clearly you cared too much and to see clearly the one way street you are walking down.People keep others around for many reasons. If you don’t appreciate and take the time to nurture the relationship, chances are the person will soon choose a different route. You will not notice until you slowly start missing the little things they would do or say. Those ‘little’ things you will find were the things that meant the most to you. People don’t realize how much someone else is needed in their lives until they are gone, this is a very saddening truth. Relationships take hard work and dedication.

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  1. I see from your view. I viewd the street as a paying guest. I got teased, “mind fucked”, yelled at and kicked out to what should have been the most beautiful night of my life. This truely changed every way I approached the syreet thereafter. I doubted everything I thought I knew. I still hurt from it really.// Guest is not welcomed on your street I feel, so I backed away. My horrible experience in stardoms circus.


  2. This is what this is anout, amongst a few other, mostly communication, non-inderstandings. I need a two way conversation to ensure I can ask what I dont understand.


  3. The longer I have been married the more I appreciate how much effort goes into making it work! Nothing that is worth having is ever easy.


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