5 Lucky foods to eat on New Years

Image From: Pixabay
Image From: Pixabay

New Year’s Eve is a time to enjoy friends and family with a party, champagne and laughter. The single people in the world forget the midnight kisses and make it all about having a good time with those who matter in their lives. It’s a night to forget about all the mistakes that were made in the previous year. When the ball drops we can immediately clean the slate and start fresh. Now this year I was informed that there are foods people eat for different reasons which possible give you good luck or fortune throughout the year. This new fact for me made me open my laptop and start searching Google. I have to say unfortunately I did this after the New Year, when in hind sight I should have stopped everything, looked it up and ran to the grocery store. Here is a link to an article about 5 lucky foods to eat during New Year’s Eve for good fortune. I’m saving this link for next year!

5 lucky foods to eat on New Years


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