Big Bang Theory actress ignites anger from feminists

Why does society believe that all women need to be full blown feminists? I believe in equal rights for women, what woman wouldn’t? In the same hand I don’t see anything wrong that a woman would enjoy serving dinner to her significant other. It doesn’t lesson her place in society in my eyes. I’m not in a relationship but I enjoy cooking for my family and friends and if I was in a relationship I would cook for my significant other. Maybe through the years we lost sight that small things such as cooking for another has a power all its own to help our relationships with friends, family and our significant others stay filled with strength, love and communication. Coming together at a table or even the act of preparing food for others to enjoy at their own table with whom they choose does all those things.

You can read the complete story by clicking the below link:

Big Bang Theory actress asked feminist response made feminists furious


4 thoughts on “Big Bang Theory actress ignites anger from feminists

  1. Feminism was never real. It was created by our Gov. BEing a housewife is real & was when our Contry was most abundant, supported via cheap, new housing for families of WWII vets.
    The imagr of the housewife was “Hollywood” (anither Gov supported propaganda entity) overdone by June Cleaver of course. I cook because I love to cook period. I clean because I like a clean house. I do these thibgs because it makes me feel good–i enjoy the benefits of so. To pull in a Label of “Feminism” and to be offended by a choice one has chosen is pure “chatter” of gossips sway. The Bible says to keep a clean house, not to gossip, for a woman to support her man–via household tasks, cooking can be one of them.


  2. This what feminism is – equal rights for all of us. It’s not about burning bras, not shaving and being a total ass towards men. It is about you cooking for him and him washing up – it’s about dividing responsibilities equally.


  3. I think that one of the issues happening in this case is that the term “feminism” has been successfully demonized in much the same way that the term “liberal” has. I can understand Ms. Cuoco-Sweeting’s reluctance to potentially offend a portion of her fan base by identifying with the term. It’s also possible that she has accepted the framing, which would be unfortunate but also understandable. Personally, I like the quote from Marie Shear, “feminism is the radical notion that women are people.” I’m not sure if the answer is to develop or utilize a new term, much like many “liberals” today identify as progressives, or if it would be better to push back against the notion that all feminists are somehow anti-men. Maybe a bit of both would be ideal.


  4. I agree with this comment on that link . . . “From reading this articles and the comments, I see that a lot of people here do not understand what feminism is …” — La Femme The author, Bruce, creates further antagonism with his snarky remarks. Regarding Kaley’s comment that she never experienced inequality, I’m fairly sure she has not fully explored the subject. I wonder if she feels women’s issues are equally represented in our Congress that is 80% male?


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