Tonight I opened my door.

Image From: Pixabay
Image From: Pixabay

I admit I didn’t get it right the first time. I’m opening my door for my second chance for satisfaction in my life to walk through it. Second chances and starting over is possible, isn’t it? Are these two things not what the American way of life offers?
I hesitated… I opened the door to late.
Sometimes we miss the ring of the doorbell. Our emotional state we are in at the time, has us stuck. We are swept through our life unable to gain control of our state of mind.
I’m opening my door and accepting the blank slate tomorrow will bring to me. I will continue writing the story of my life, with my door opened so if my second chance does arrive, it can just walk right in.


One thought on “Tonight I opened my door.

  1. Sometimes the door is open and sometimes it is just ajar. Be careful running into the next step can be foolish if you do not think it out. Fools rush in. But sometimes one must play the fool.


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