The distraught mom loses it all

Image From: Pixabay
Image From: Pixabay

(My son wrote his first blog post. As a writer I am overly proud of him for taking the time to put his thoughts on paper. As a Mother I am proud of him because he is his own person. The below is the story he wrote: “The distraught mom loses it all”. I hope you enjoy it as I did.)

This night was game night, as some of you know (because you have kids), monopoly brings family’s together or they make you regret playing. As it would seem for the last ten to twenty weeks my mother and I have been playing monopoly… and every-one has different strategies and my mothers is to buy everything, I know you know those people, and as it would seem that I don’t buy anything. That’s a problem since week seven my mother has owned every possible property and the only way I survived was to land on every chance and the community chest. As luck would have it today after twenty weeks of playing I landed on one of her properties. It was crazy I had a couple million dollars to her billion or so but then I had approximately one-hundred dollars to her billion and a third of a million. Then all of a sudden I hit chance and it said “Collect twenty million dollars from every player.” I was astonished, I had money! Her stack went from two inches thick to about half an inch! I can do this! I thought as I passed go, more money. As it became my turn I bought the most expensive group of properties and put one hotel on each. I ended my turn on “go”. When my mom rolled she rolled two ones or “snake eyes” and landed on new York or board walk, for you elderly folk, and the look on her face was amazing she went from hero to zero in three turns! As I took my profits she vowed never to underestimate me or play monopoly with me again.

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