Discover all that Ann Arbor Michigan has to offer

Image From: Casey King, Fingerlike
Image From: Casey King, Fingerlike

There is no doubt that Ann Arbor, Michigan has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a visitor or a resident, there is an abundance of amazing things you can do.

Despite first impressions, Ann Arbor is not just about the University of Michigan.  Are you a museum lover? Ann Arbor has what you are looking for from Art to History to Children friendly museums such as the Hands-On Museum. All Museums are centrally located in downtown Ann Arbor surrounded by shopping and eateries.

Hungry? From American comfort foods to ethnic foods such as Ethiopian, Asian or Arabic, Ann Arbor has no shortage of restaurants to fulfill anyone’s taste buds.

If you enjoy shopping, Kerrytown Market is an Ann Arbor must stop destination. Just a few blocks from the center of town is where you will find this unique collection of stores offering personal warm friendly service.

Ann Arbor is a captivating city offering everything from its thriving art scene to neighborhoods filled with charm. Book a trip today and enjoy a one of a kind experience in Ann Arbor.


4 thoughts on “Discover all that Ann Arbor Michigan has to offer

  1. Despite the fact that U of M is there, Ann Arbor is very nice to visit.

    Could you tell I come from an MSU family?! Lol.


    1. My son is a MSU fan. When I read him my blog post he said he couldn’t like it on principle. lol. Overall I love how college towns open the communities up to experience different cultures. Especially the food. College towns have the best food!

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  2. I’m from MSU too, and so I hate U of M, but recognize that there is nothing better than living in a college town. We live in Las Cruces, NM, home of NMSU and it’s a much better place for the university for sure. It just culturally makes so much of a difference.


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