LET GO or be prepared to be DRAGGED

Image From: Pixabay
Image From: Pixabay

“The worst mistake you can make is walking away from the person who actually stood there and waited for you.” –Drake

He would stew in his loneliness and every so often express his displeasure with it but all the while she was there trying to include him in her life, yet he just ignored her. Being an outsider looking in you may have believed as though she had the ability to turn on some superpower of invisibility. People around her seen how he would overlook her at every turn, as though he was doing it on purpose. Each day with strength, compassion and forgiveness radiating from her body, she stood, waiting for him to see her.

Why do we sacrifice our precious time to be seen by others?

For the need we all have, to feel accepted for who we are. If you feel as though you are invisible, take a moment and look inside yourself. Have you acknowledge your worth? To truly see how accepting the people around you are, you must be able to look inside yourself and see your worth.

Each and everyone of us is deserving of acknowledgment, acceptance, and love. We sacrifice our precious time and energy ensuring we are available for others needs, what ever they may be at the time, for our journey to find love. At times we can unintentionally place ourselves in the role of the invisible person. Do we want to be invisible to someone we care about, no, we don’t. Though it does happen more times than not as we seek out love.

Why do we sacrifice our precious time seeking out the love of others?

We believe that once we have found and received love, we will finally be seen. We can then box up the invisible suit and shove it in the attic for the rest of our days. We have love and to us this means we will always truly be seen, we will always truly be accepted and acknowledged. You may be thinking, I don’t need to be accepted or someone to approve of me as a person, but we all need these things. Yes, you can accept yourself and approve the person you are but we all need to have these things come from someone else too.


Always remember:

Just because people you love don’t think of calling you, showing you acceptance and spending some of their precious time with you… does not mean you have no value. You have value, always remember that.


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