Vibrating vaginal implant

Image From: Pixabay
Image From: Pixabay

Medically implanted vibrator you say?

If you are a woman who likes your toys this should peak your interest. I came across this article at the Fun Factory website. Fun Factory is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of silicone erotic toys. The Orgasmia is an implantable hands free vibrator. The outpatient procedure of the Orgasmia is said to emit, silent vibrations to the entire clitoris. It can be turned on to add a little extra arousal during intercourse or used alone. The device can be controlled discreetly using your smart phone or by way of the remote control which come in a ring, wristwatch or necklace. It doesn’t get more discreet than that.

This V-shaped implant comes with a 20 year warranty and will run you around $6500.00. Are you willing to pay that sum of money to improve your sex life or have the ability for complete hands-free stimulation? If you said yes, you will be saddened to know that Orgasmia is one very well orchestrated April fool’s joke from Fun Factory.

To read the full article on Orgasmia and see pictures of this device, click here.


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