Do you spice it up? If not you are missing out!

Image From: Pixabay
Image From: Pixabay

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ring of Fire.”

Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?

If you asked me this question 5 years ago my answer would be no. I would avoid hot and spicy foods but one day all that would change when I took my first bite into Sushi. Sushi became and still is one of my favorite meals. Eating spicy Sushi has opened my eyes to what hot spices can do for a food dish. I started adding spices to many of my dishes and find myself drawn to adding it frequently these days.

I have read many articles which claim spicy foods have health benefits such as reducing risk of tumors, weight loss help and improving your sex life. Yes, I said improving your sex life. It has been said it isn’t as much the spice but the ginseng and saffron you benefit from as it boosts your sexual performance.

If you were like me and stayed away from spicy foods your whole life, you should try it out in small doses and see if you still dislike it. You may find out that spicy foods agree with your taste buds now.

6 thoughts on “Do you spice it up? If not you are missing out!

  1. Very similar to me, over the last few years I started developing a taste for spicier foods. I still don’t order anything Thai hot!


  2. We have our weekly date (married couple caring for an autistic kid) at a sushi bar. Great stuff.

    One of the small benefits of relatively dry conditions is that peppers are more intense. Drought is not good news, but peppers do well in dry years like we’ve had, according to many chefs.


  3. I ended up acclimated to quite spicy food while living in Singapore, where you could get chili sauce on the French fries at McDonald’s, for crying out loud. Also it turns out chili sauce on French fries is really good, once you get acclimated to it.


    1. I am going to put this on my to try list. Chili sauce and french fries does sound yummy. My good friend used to put this buffalo hot sauce on her fries. I never tried it but she loved it.


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