Is it a good idea to discuss religion or politics?

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Polite Company.”

“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.”

Discussing Religion

Debates and discussions are good, name calling and belittling people is bad.

Discussing and understanding religious beliefs other than one’s own is important to develop tolerance as it at times defines a major part of people’s identity. By discussing religion with others you can learn and understand others customs and traditions.

Discussing Politics

Discussing politics with other people is important too. Having conversations with others will help both parties learn more. After speaking to someone you may see something that you didn’t see prior to the conversation, be it good or bad.

When discussing religion or politics it is important to remember to discuss these topics calmly and know when to fold and agree to disagree.


10 thoughts on “Is it a good idea to discuss religion or politics?

  1. I am Jewish and yet many people do not understand what that is. They think I do not believe in Christ. I do but not as the right hand of God. As a man, carpenter, and good doer of things sure.


    1. Your comment makes my point. If we choose not to discuss religion with others we carry through life only knowing what we have learned from different sources, if we have learned anything at all and if it is even correct for that matter. We should be willing to hear others beliefs and opinions as with religion at times that is part of the person. We should respect everyone’s choice to choose what to believe in, that doesn’t mean we have to completely agree.


  2. While I have nothing against discussing religion or politics, I have a couple of rules:

    1. Never at work.
    2. I have to know you first.


    1. Do you ever find yourself with someone that you would express your opinion or beliefs on the subject of religion or politics? Do you keep it solely to yourself or do you do only do it with close family members?


  3. My rules?

    1) Only if I know you well enough to know how you debate
    2) Never at family reunions. My family is to large and diverse and too many of them do not know how to debate without personal attacks.
    3) Never at work or with those I work with.


    1. Those are very good rules. During Family events religion and politics don’t come up as we spend the time catching up. Overall I wish we all could speak about these things without it becoming a heated discussion which seems to end, more times than not, with frustration and anger. I believe speaking about things does truly teach us and at times helps us look at things in a different light.


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