Can you change your child’s behavior?

Image From: Pixabay
Image From: Pixabay

Change your child’s behavior in a week or less. 5 steps to better behavior from your child. Have better behaved children by tomorrow. 

These types of titles to articles are what some people are drawn to click on when searching the internet for answers. They are seeking the answers to solve the problems causing them to feel angry and embarrassed. Something to confirm what they are going through is common challenges and a light which lets them see their situation is not as bleak as they feel it is.

When your child is making bad decisions or cannot see reason it can slowly make you feel as though you are a bad parent. I certainly have thought this and felt my share of frustration. I’ve cracked open my fair share of self-help books and spent many of nights searching the internet for answers. What did I find? I found there isn’t a magical answer to changing your child’s behavior.

Helpful parenting points:

1. Be clear and consistent not only with the rules of the house but the consequences if the rules are broken.

2. Chose what battles you take on. If you chose to battle each thing your child does big or small, your days will be consumed with struggle.

3. Meet their friends. Knowing their friends will let you know what type of people they are hanging out with.

At times it can be hard not to think the worst when your child repeatedly makes poor decisions. Try not to think the worst as negativity that is voiced  can promote bad behavior. Lastly, try to stay away from reading many self-help books. Self help books can be very helpful but too many of them can cloud your instincts.

Remember your child may be making poor decisions and have a bad attitude but this doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent!


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One thought on “Can you change your child’s behavior?

  1. 1 & 3 are really critical in our house. My wife and I always talk to insure we are consistent in our expectations. We also meet friends & parents, as they can influence behaviors.

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