10 Indoor activities to do with your teenager

Image From: Pixabay
Image From: Pixabay

If you have a teenager you know it is hard to find time when you are in the same place for an extended period. Teenagers are busy with school, friends and for some with work. The other thing is getting your Teenager to want to spend time with you. Some of them don’t see it as a cool thing to do, hang out with your parent. A rainy day is a good opportunity to get some bonding time in, but what can you do indoors with your teenager?

1. Play a board game.

2. Have a pajama day with a movie marathon.

3. Cook a meal together.

4. Have your Teen show you how to play a new card game.

5. Search and make plans for a day trip.

6. Do some exercise work out videos.

7. Take turns listening to each others favorite music.

8. Go back to their childhood and play a game of hide and go seek.

9. Play a Video game together. Even if you are not into video games your Teenager might be. Just trying your best will give you good bonding time with your Teenager.

10. Talk to your Teen about what they are up to, what magazines they are reading.


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