Bags under her eyes

Image From: Pixabay
Image From: Pixabay

As he walks down the busy sidewalk he sees a woman walking in the opposite direction. Just with this brief look he suspects she is in her mid thirties. She walks as though she is a strong independent woman with a purpose. As the two of them approach each other their eyes meet for a moment and the two of them exchange a smile. As she passes by he notices she has bags under her eyes and begins to wonder what she is carrying in those bags.

Have you ever wondered what someone was carrying in the bags under their eyes?

If he could have asked her what she was carrying in the bags under her eyes he would have received the following list.

  1. Verbal and abusive relationships
  2. Disappointments from friends and family
  3. Self betrayal
  4. Grief of lost loved ones and friends
  5. Fear
  6. Self doubt
  7. Body issues
  8. Insecurities
  9. Dead dreams
  10. Misjudgments

When he sees what is in her bags would he be willing to empty those bags for her? Would he be willing to extend a hand and help fight her demons?

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