7 Things people can do to avoid relationships

Image Source: Pixabay
Image Source: Pixabay

Relationships can look wonderful from the outside, once you enter into the realm of the relationship world you realize that the people turn into the incarnation of Satan. That is why I put together this handy little list to help prevent you from allowing things to escalate past the safe zone.

1. Insult – Create a mental list of your insults; light, moderate and downright nasty. That way you are armed with an array of ammunition to spice up your encounters with your infatuation each time you see them.

2. No Touching – Never EVER, under nearly any circumstances, touch in any way shape or form! This is very important, so pay attention! It’s said that a person’s touch reveals a lot about their feelings, and if that is true then the neon sign popping out of your head when touching would scream “INFATUATION”, which would absolutely not be good long term.

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One thought on “7 Things people can do to avoid relationships

  1. Having minimal self-respect can make you miss the mark regarding your potential and decrease your imperiousness to harsh connections and circumstances. Self-regard is controlled by your connections, considerations and encounters. With sound self-regard, you see yourself as meriting the appreciation of others. On the other hand, with low self-regard, you see your suppositions and thoughts as less vital. Try not to chop yourself down before others. Rather, begin feeling brave in your own particular skin. To elevate you’re self-regard, encompass yourself with forward-looking good examples. Connections that give you positive input are liable to help you’re self-regard, not at all like the ones whereby you are being teased, debased or censured by others.


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