Is offline dating a thing of the past

Image Source: Pixabay
Image Source: Pixabay

Has traditional courtship with its in person human interaction become extinct? Can modern day courtships made in a social media network, where people are highly connected but socially isolated, render a long lasting relationship?

It seems as though modern day courtships consist primarily of meeting people on social networking sites. These sites seem to be making the wait for serendipity to strike a little shorter.

The ease of using these sites is slowly making the traditional courtship a distant memory. You no longer need to pick up a phone or be face to face with a person to ask them to dinner or tell them how you feel. All you need to do now is pickup one of your electronic devices to log into one of the many social networking sites, or send a text message to the person. Since there is no in-person interaction it makes getting the dreaded “No, Thanks” or “I have plans” a little easier.


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2 thoughts on “Is offline dating a thing of the past

  1. Yeah, I didn’t enjoy dating at the best of times – but I really think I would hate it now. What would drive me even crazier is going on a date with someone only to have them constantly checking their phone. Unless they have kids they are worried about or something major is going on at work, that would be a deal breaker for me.


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