Give up women, you’re failing – The diet myth

Image Source: Pixabay
Image Source: Pixabay

Market data reports 60 billion is spent by consumers each year on diet products in the United States alone. We live in a world where all products that are available are in abundance and in turn they are consumed in abundance. Do to this fact over one third of women in the united states are on some type of diet.

Lets say someone approaches you and asks: “Do you do drugs or have you ever?” Everyone’s answer should be “yes, daily”, why? The food we consume today is a drug, a very addicting drug.

The food industry is well over a 10 billion dollar industry. The food industry uses chemicals such as MSG and processed sugars to enhance flavors in over 65% of the processed foods you consume. The food industry adds these chemicals so you will buy more food which will put more money in their already overfilled pockets.

What do you think the food industry cares more about, your health or their bottom line? 

With the abundance of food available to us the days of feast or famine doesn’t exist anymore but our bodies didn’t change which is why obesity is on the rise. The marketing firms hired to sell the products the food industry produces work hand in hand to sell a lie to you about every product they produce. Essentially both groups are telling you one thing but what they deliver to your stores is something else entirely with deceptive food labeling. The names of products are just created to draw you in so you  will place it in your shopping cart. It doesn’t always represent what the product actually is.

Diet products are setting you up for failure.

Diet products are produced by the food industry, yes, the deceptive food industry. Who, remember, wants you to buy more food. A majority of diet foods that advertise ‘fat free’ are full of sugar. How can these products help you lose weight? It is a fact that processed sugars turn into fat, so it’s ‘fat free’ until you eat it. You may be saying to yourself that it’s okay because the diet products you buy use artificial sugars. Those artificial sugars you are consuming are making you fat too. In addition to increasing your weight gain they are actually putting you at risk for long term health issues.

For example diet soda. It sounds good ‘diet’ soda but studies have shown that artificial sugar has been linked to some of the following health issues:

  • Bone mineral density issues
  • Promotes your body to go into type 2 diabetes
  • Neurological problems
  • obesity

In addition to the artificial affects the aspartame they put in diet soda causes brain cells to decrease. The human body was not created to eat the chemicals the food industry has added to their foods. The high calorie/ low nutritional foods they produce doesn’t give our bodies what it needs. The food industry has a vested interest in the diet product world, they created it.

The next time you are at a store think about it before you put processed food in your cart. There is more to that processed food than you think. The last fact I will leave you with is propylene glycol, which is in many food products that are processed. propylene glycol, is also found in the products sold to clean out your colon and wintering products for RVs. Does that sound like something you should be placing in your body? The food industry obviously thinks so. The food industry thanks us daily for wanting a world of quick and convenient foods and they are more than happy to oblige.

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