Opening your eyes


It isn’t easy to look back and think everything could have been different. The hardest part of life is picturing your future and walking towards it. You have to remember you are blessed and start putting one foot in front of the other. Time waits for no woman or man. You need to grab what you can while you’re still able too.

You can’t wait for people around you to fail and or succeed to provide you with what you need. Your time on this earth is short so you must work hard, throw yourself into life and hope that just maybe you will see a reward. Stop pursuing and wasting the precious days you have with people you see no long term future in and people who don’t truly care about you.

Open your eyes, look around and take note of the people that care. The people who are standing in the wings, patiently waiting for that moment you need a shoulder or a smiling face. The people whose heart break when your hearts breaking and the people who smile when your smiling.

You may step back look around and say you see no one… look harder, when you want to see them they will shine like a star in the night sky.

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