Social Media Gives Well Deserved Karma

Image from: Pixabay

Using the ‘guilt’ tactic to get someone back in a relationship (that was insanely unhealthy in the first place) is childish and incredibly stupid.

To continually post on social network how ‘oh so happy’ you are now and in such a ‘good’ place (when your clearly unhappy and no where near a good place) makes you look desperate.

Emailing people who you blame (Who had nothing to do with your relationship) for how your insanely unhealthy relationship ended because of course you did nothing wrong, your an angel. Is also childish and incredibly stupid.

And when you receive the response to that email and your eyes reads the words on your screen and your Childish brain processes them…

The horrible crushing feeling you will get will carry with you until the end of time… That is what Adults call… Karma. 👍


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