The struggle is real

Image Credit: Pixabay
You may have come to a point in your life where challenges seem to surround you. The point where the storm rolls in and turns everything upside down causing that dreaded trapped feeling and when the storm is finally over it will leave the pieces for you to pick up and put everything back right. You have to hold on strong to your purpose, preserving those visions you have of how you want everything to play out in your life. During these extremely difficult times, your strength will get you through it.
You may feel hopeless and weak right now but you will not be down for long. Strength is all about keeping everything together even when you feel the odds are against you. Remember, you have known struggles and you have always found your way out of the depths.
Each night climb into bed and when your alarm clock rings, wake up, punch the day in the face and show it who’s the boss and that you are stronger than anything it throws at you.

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