Look into her eyes before she says goodbye

Image From: Pixabay
                               Image From: Pixabay

Her eyes look at you wishing you could see what they’re trying to tell you.  They’re crying out to you. Trying to tell you that she thinks of you every hour of every day.  Is her gaze too brief, never giving you a chance to catch what her eyes are telling you?

She finds herself standing outside looking up at the sky, letting the raindrops softly caress her face and run down her body, thinking that if only you could see that you have someone in her who doesn’t attempt to define you, but just sees you for who you are and who loves you wholly.  If you could stand outside yourself for one moment, you would see that you have someone that you never have to struggle to be good enough for.  You have someone who believes it felonious, the idea of changing who you are.  You’ve got someone right here who is continuously proud of how responsible, reliable, and persistent you are.  Does this charade have to continue?  Can’t you stop only seeing the two of you as individuals and look up to see each other together?

She can’t lie to her self anymore; she knows you will never ride off into the sunset with her. She has to move forward, cherishing the memories of you and letting go of the person standing in front of her now.

She will always know you could have been the great love of her life.


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