Stop Judging Others

Image From: Pixabay

Why do people feel the need to criticize others generosity?

I dislike it when people comment about the amount of gifts, how big a gift is and or how much money they spent on the gifts they purchased. It’s not about quantity, it’s not about size and it’s not about how much money a person spends. It’s about the thought, effort and love they put into finding the gifts they thought the person would like.

What gives anyone the right to make someone feel bad because they have opened their heart and hands to give generously?

What are you teaching this generation and the people around you about generosity? Your criticism is teaching them they shouldn’t do it. That it isn’t right when in fact it is the right thing to do, no matter the amount.  You are telling this generation and the people around you, that they should buy into your perception of how ‘nice’ they should be and that is doing a disservice to them and the hearts and lives of the ones they can bring joy to.

Love and happiness only grow by sharing and giving to others around them, even if the person needs it or not. Life isn’t about pleasing yourself. We should give freely and generously and even sometimes for no particular reason. It’s about doing things for the sole benefit of another human being.

Winston Churchill said “You make all kinds of mistakes, but as long as you are generous, true and fierce, you cannot hurt the world”.

The one thing he forgot to mention was that when you are generous, true and fierce the world will surely hurt you.

Receive with an open heart, a smile on your face and stop judging others generosity.


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