5 Signs you are in love and the reasons why they are ridiculous


I never thought being ‘in love’ was an actual thing. People talk about it all the time especially women that are in a relationship. There are many articles about being ‘in love’ that lists the many ways you know.

For a good month I had a pulling at my chest that made me think I might just be ‘in-love’ so I jumped on Google and started searching the internet for “how you know you are in love”.

  1. You’re addicted to this person – Everyone needs space and this just doesn’t sound appealing to me. If I am ‘in love’ I would want to be around the person but I would still want my alone time.
  2. You want everyone to like the person – This would be convenient but as with any friendship you want your core friends to get along with the person. If your friends didn’t like the person, well, gatherings would be a tad uncomfortable.
  3. You want to talk and text the person constantly – No thank you. About all I would want is a return text back in an appropriate time frame if I text you and I would give the same courtesy back. I do not want to text and talk constantly.
  4. You change things about yourself for them – I strongly believe you shouldn’t change for anyone but yourself. They should love you for who you are. Your fundamental values and tastes are what make you who you are.
  5. You get suspicious and jealous – If being ‘in-love’ exists and this is one of the ways you know you’re ‘in love’, I never want to be. Who wants to spend their days being suspicious and jealous? If I was writing a list of how you know you shouldn’t be in a relationship this would be number one on that list. If you’re suspicious or jealous of the person you are with you should end it and walk away, obviously it wasn’t the right relationship for you.

I read many articles and found they all said pretty much the same 5 reasons and those 5 reasons just made me want to run from those so called ‘beautiful fuzzy feelings’ you get from being ‘in love’.

5 thoughts on “5 Signs you are in love and the reasons why they are ridiculous

  1. I met my wife by mail and we pen pal exercise got us to know each other well and then we met, liked each other and got married. That happened forty five years ago. No arguements, we were meant to be together. P.S. We were born in the same hospital seventy years ago. We are three months apart. Karma has been kind to us.


  2. I was in love with my late wife. I was never jealous, wanted us to have alone time, was addicted to her, but controlled it for out own good, and I don’t always want to talk or text to anyone. Even me. Don’t believe everything on the internet. Being in love is a chemical process that then is chosen to be kept and everyone responds differently.


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