What is a Modern Family?


If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

I am sure my late ancestors wouldn’t approve of most things. Their generation was definitely the complete opposite of today’s generation.

If my late ancestors would join us for dinner they would be most shocked by me being a single mother. I am sure they would be repulsed by this and think one or if not all of the following.

  1. I must have been a irresponsible teenager.
  2. I am probably lazy and abuse welfare.
  3. My parents must have not raised me properly.
  4. I am irresponsible as my life style will put my child at a disadvantage.

Even though they would be judging me without even knowing the full story of my life they would be welcomed with open arms. Knowing the fact that I had my child at 21 years old, that I have never received welfare, my parents were excellent role models and my child has every advantage as a child in a two parent household. These truths will never change their mind about the situation and I would accept that.





5 thoughts on “What is a Modern Family?

  1. i see that you stopped by for a read!

    i am honestly grateful…

    i would agree my grandparents were very old school, getting up with the sun, in bed by dark, church every sunday and didn’t smoke..

    Need i say more, loved your post!

    hugs chris

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