10 Things to romance your way into her heart


What happened to old school sentiments and gestures?

There is something about old school romantics. You don’t have to do something big, the simplest things are the most romantic. I believe over time we have forgotten this fact.

1. When a man takes a women out to dinner and asks what she would like then orders it for her.

2. When a man has a single flower for the women when they meet. (Traditionally it would be a rose but I say ‘a flower’ because I don’t like roses.)

3. A hand written letter or card left in the women’s mailbox or on the door step.

4. A surprise gentle kiss on her neck when you first see her.

5. Surprising her with a meal you cook just for her.

6. Stopping by her house unannounced to have a cup of coffee.

7. Holding the door open for her.

8. Placing your hand on the small of her back while walking.

9. Surprising her with a drive on the country roads taking in the scenery.

10. Asking her over to enjoy a movie and a comforting cuddle session on the couch.

It is actually crushing when you think about how old school gestures have died off. Our children and there children after them will never know what true romance is. They will believe romance consists of costly gifts and sex. Unfortunately, it already seems that it has turned out to be just that in my generation.


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