Pay It Forward

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Have you heard of the pay it forward movement?

Some of us learned of this movement from the book ‘Pay it Forward’ by Catherine Hyde. Others have learned it from the pay it forward campaign from Starbucks. The movement is about giving to others. You give or do something for another person and they turn around and do the same for 3 other people and those 3 people do the same for 3 more people and so on. The goal is to have the one random act of kindness continue and grow bigger and bigger.

I learned about this movement from the book pay it forward. Reviews of the book will lead you in the direction to avoid the book. The reviews talk about how it is poorly written, etc but even if this is true, it doesn’t take away from the power of this concept. This book was made into a movie in 2000.

Companies have taken this powerful concept into a means to increase their businesses revenue. By using the pay it forward to draw in the kindness of others to pay for the next person’s order in the drive thru line in hopes more customers will feel compelled to stop in on the designated pay it forward day.

Pay it forward is more than paying for the person’s meal or drink behind you in the drive thru.

It’s about giving something to someone who needs it. It’s about helping another person carry out a task or personal goal because you have the ability to do so. It’s about being there in their time of need to extend your shoulder to cry on or a hand for them to hold.

It is bigger than paying for the person’s meal behind you in the drive thru line. They are in the drive thru line because they have the means to pay for the meal they just ordered. Pay it forward when you can by doing something for someone who doesn’t have the means to do it for themselves.

We live in a society which expects something in return. If you choose to pay it forward complete the act of kindness without expectations. You should do it because you want to not because you believe you will be repaid in one fashion or another.




3 thoughts on “Pay It Forward

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  2. Thanks for the reminder of doing pay it forward things. I am reblogging because you have made some really good points… doesn’t need to be just a money thing and we should do it because we want to not to be rewarded eventually……Thanks


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