Be the trendsetter this Valentine’s and tag yourself as #ProudSingleton2016

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Be the trendsetter this Valentine’s and tag yourself as #ProudSingleton2016

We all know how Valentine’s Day turns out to be a complete emotional nightmare for all of us! The Singletons! It’s not like we are not happily single and confident with the status, but a fortnight right before the D-day i.e. 14th of February the entire universe around us tries to shatter the confidence that we singletons build in the remaining 364 days of the year. And continues the vicious circle! But this year I have decided to keep myself and my single-status readers safe and help find solace in solitude with these hilarious facts and my #ProudSingleton2016 suggestions.

1. You will be quite surprised to know that Valentine’s Day is also celebrated as Happy Singles Awareness day! So the entire goal of the Happy Single awareness day is to show the world how awesome it is to be single! Love, pamper and care for yourself because 364 days of love is better than 1 day of love.

2. There has been much debate on which is the better status, being single or being committed. Coming from a single woman perspective I don’t think I have to say it aloud. In fact it is so much evident that sometimes my brain just unconsciously misspells ‘committed’ as ‘complicated’.

3. Did you know that the average cost of Valentine’s Day is $160? I am sure you can clearly see where the money flows, from purchasing the right valentine gift to the best champagne for the evening and from the branded attire to the day-long salon charges. Thus save money, switch to single!

4. Have you heard these songs? Jason Derulo’s Riding Solo or Independent Women Part 1 by Destiny’s Child or I don’t need a Man by The Pussycat Dolls or Beyonce’s Single Ladies!!! If it wasn’t for us singles, who were these songs made for? So compile the ‘Single’ collection this Valentines’, put it on full volume and shatter the glass windows of your next door-always-nagging-neighbor.

5. Shower yourself with materialistic Love, this suggestion is for those who recently joined the singleton club. We understand that you are yet to strengthen your being-single confidence and thus require artificial support! So go and order the heart-shaped pizza only for yourself and binge on chocolates and ice-cream buckets.

Be wild this Valentine! Well I don’t think the bed is the only place to be wild silly! Pack your back-pack; invest on a trekking shoe and taking your levels of fitness to the next level…go hiking. Trust me, falling in Love will be defined to you again and this time the love will be forever.


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