Love is not what you find on greeting cards

I want to tell you an interesting story.

You try to follow the road that leads to that special place in someone’s heart. You spend time building a unique friendship and construct an unbreakable bond. If there was something you should have said, you can’t say it now. All the roads traveled have led you away… You don’t know yet but you will see soon. Who are you to argue with fate? Life is unforgiving when you let things slip away. All you have to carry with you is restless dreams and words never said.

There is a life that you don’t know about. You have a lot to learn. You needed someone to pick you up but you push them away. When the bars are closed you will hear her voice while you are sick and alone.

God only knows where you will land, keep your eyes on the road and remember love is not what you find on greeting cards.


One thought on “Love is not what you find on greeting cards

  1. Excellent title. I love greeting cards, and I know why I send those I send. Like your post, greeting cards have gotten super creative. You don’t have to send one with a lie on it. Since love has mega meanings, and is so darn fragile in the first place, I hope people sending and receiving believe and have faith as well. No truth…no love!


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