5 Things that make a relationship last

What are the keys to a strong relationship? Be interested, Be trusting, Be honest, Be willing to solve issues and move on

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When I hear the word relationship I associate this with any relationship with two people – Friendship or a committed relationship. Many people I have spoken to about my interpretation of the meaning have disagreed with me. a relationship to them is a commitment and means you love the person. Being someone who is not in a committed relationship, I have those feelings about my friendships. I love them and I am committed to them. Now with that out of the way, what are the keys to a strong relationship?

Be interested

Asking the person how they are doing, what is going on in their life and doing things with each other. If you are not interested in what is going on in their life than what is the reason for being in the relationship? There wouldn’t be one. Make sure you are balancing conversations out by talking about what you would like to tell them and giving them the opportunity to share what they would like to with you.

Be accepting

Be accepting of who that person is. Don’t waste time trying to change someone. The only person who can change them, is them. Side Note: If you don’t like who the person you are with is, and you choose to stay in the relationship, keep your issues with them to yourself. You chose to stay in the relationship, it is fully your choice but others around you shouldn’t have to be subjected to your complaining about it.

Be willing to solve issues

Solve problems when they happen. If you avoid a situation it will come back at some point. Problems just don’t ‘go away’. Deal with the problem and move on. Don’t hold on to it, if you do it will certainly take your relationship down a sour road.

Be honest

Being honest with someone is very important. You’re not doing them any favors by sugar coating the truth. Side Note: Unfortunately, most people are sensitive. Those people need to suck it up and embrace the constructive criticism. 

Be trustworthy and trusting

You should trust the person you are in a relationship at all times, in any situation if you don’t RUN! If you cannot trust the person you should not be in a relationship with them.





5 thoughts on “5 Things that make a relationship last

  1. Been married to the same woman for forty five years. Met her by sending her a letter and it started this long term relationship. Your advice is right on. But to start you got to share. There has to be give and take. You have got to handle conflict. You will change and it is okay to change together. Above all realize the special relationship you share and do nothing to compromise it. Life is short and a great relationship makes it worth it.


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